The greyish-darkened sky, filled with countless prismatic droplets of water, making the puffy clouds. The clouds shadowing the long-spread draughtiness of land. The draughtiness which was going to be wetted with the excitement of the crazily sliding water drop by drop, turning the dusty-greenery to a lush green. The drizzling set off to brighten the canvas of absurd nature. The cool breeze gets along to pass through the murmurings of lively nature. The vibrancy of the nature enhances the depiction of a new portray.

The watery pearls when drop down, fertile the souls of beings. The immense pleasure, thus claims the instinctive satisfaction.   As I feel the drops falling gradually over my face, I find everything speaking in the language of their glory, interacting in their own ways. Playing and dancing as the drizzling lowers, embraced by chilled and cool air. Seeing the purification of my inner being with that all around, my emotions freshens. The environment condenses to host the happiness and merriness in the form of droplets everywhere.


Coming out of the classes, rushing to the school gate, children were following their lines perfectly assembled by the volunteers (prefects) to maintain the disciplinary rules of the school. There were children with different ages, heights, masses and one thing in common was their uniform.  Uniform was ensuring the recognition and motto of a well-known learning organisation. All the students have had the learning span in the outfit suggested by the school management. We all have the precious memories of our learning-hood in the soberly designed outfit meeting the uniformity of each and every financial status.

The prime purpose of the uniform is to smooth the class-gaps so as to promote the knowledge equally irrespective of the religion or nationality or sect or complexion or cast or financial reasons. To avoid any sort of discrimination, uniform played a role of justified medium where a child of poor loaf-earner was sufficed to the acknowledgment which was in the Similar way acquired by the child of superior-money earner.

Apart from the learning reasons, students are cherished at the moments, when they are freed to dress except their uniform like the sports-hour, celebrations of specific festivals… there is a convenience and confidence, sparkling and laughing expressions, spirit to compete and sensibility of learning, challenging and grasping emotions, capabilities to inspire, help and build the series of approaches were the key aspects, exposed on a peculiar day or two. As I was watching the television, I came across this idea that many foreign schooling agencies have adapted not to impose the uniformity in terms of uniforms to the children and to let them emerge out in the comfort and ease.

Children can behave to the full extent, when they are freed from the restrictive boundaries. They love and enchant their performances on the basis of self-motivation being centred in the classroom. With least possible consent, they try to achieve on their own. Their team work collaboration speak aloud to be figured as one of their leading capacities. The impact of colours also reflect the rarefaction in their growing quench of exploration.

Personally speaking I never feel appropriate to favour the imposing clothe-rule, just to ensure the implementation of the ethics and morals. There we have different ways instead of imposing the rules.

adoption’s trend


“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”
― Oscar Wilde

                  To begin  with this statement, one must be emphasizing over the words ‘ugliness’ and ‘intolerable’. Hey! it’s not my point of discussion, yet adoption of trending fashion is something I would like to enlighten upon. Don’t get bothered with anyone’s sayings…just feel free to carry yourself with.

                    What a classy tulip trousers are in!! See that colorful Capri..!! Short shirts with digital prints …o’ yeah m definitely gonna buy… Brandy high heels with embellishing  printed sides, look  capes are totally outclass… How would I look with this sea-green skinny pant with reddish-orange top??…  being an elite class-burger how do I look to cheap rated-replicas.. don’t even glance at those..seriously its a trash, shoppers are facilitating their clients ….aaaahhh!!! See a new mall there along side of the road, it looks fantastically huge and fascinating to my longing-branded stuff..well come on just check it out!!!won’t miss  the opportunity….

        What goes around, be it a fashion of deeds or wearing, is adopted and adapted,amplified through  media to bring into common mass’ acceptance. Promoting and selling the trendy fashion-products by leaps and bounds. People with silent sense of fashion, adopt the ostentatious taste of choices which has completely lose balance with the features whereas some carry themselves with complimentary choices of outfits but not outlets!! yeah…. appreciated being distinctive in display, everyone longs for.

               Alright…alright…How  those daring indicators are judging the selections of people!! Do they have the rights to authenticate their verdicts?? No, not any of them may have so.. listening to them is more likely to lose your instinctive appeals, which is most probably  invalid anyhow. It’s rather  better to mirror your sights to frame your selection.. giving life to your ultimate and genuine style, appeals actually. Candidly speaking it’s not the cost which matters but true signs of validation in a style (laid by chices).

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
― Orson Welles


shall beg..Him!

      Resounding azaan, was the span with nostalgic silence and soothing sensation. It was a predawn when  most people often continue  tossing and turning to remain lying and dreaming. Fewer of the believers left their comfort zone to offer the first Salah of the day, when I had already seated to my place having an  aluminium bowl with rust and dirt as the main  ingredient of impurity, stale-floral-garland around the neck, gemstone rings fitted in all ten fingers to show the proficiency of beggars along with the traditional dress made up of the cloth with joints and connections of pieces oddly colored and irregularly patterned. I used to take my place at the very right corner of  the masjid.

       I disguised myself as long-thickly-contaminated hair with  long lasting fetid to excite people’s pity over me being needy and victimized of poverty. Modified the voice, I kept seeking for materialistic help to fill in my bowl and paying them back with prayers to ensure my deserving fulfillment of needs on the regular basis.

          Listening to azaan, believers march out of their homes to align themselves in the earliest possible row, I never paid the attention to offer Salah any time… yet it was my trait to keep raising my voice so as to ask for the mercy of His people but not Him.

    People came and went, helped and cursed on me and other beggars… pointed,mocked and teased and some advised to choose a respectable profession. It was me who never put an ear feeling these as disgusts. I was an efficient professional. Yet I knew the traits to increase the profit in my daily begging. I have been perfectly physical strength with no impairment of any kind. But depending on other’s provided loaves and coins was my ultimate need. 

         I found people directing their off-springs or grand-children to help the beggars by provision of anything they could offer to help us instantly, there had been a motive  to make kids learn to help the needy. Although they came from  well-organised backgrounds, as they were witnessed doing good with poor. 

       I had been indulged into this trashy walk of life, since my fore-fathers migrated here and adopted this cheap earning of life. I used to laugh of fooling innocent people through pleading. I was never bothered by anything except when a boy of approximately 5 years came to provide me with his partial amount of pocket-money as was directed by his father. He stimulated the strings of my brain by saying on and on ‘ I will ask my Allah Almighty to help me for success in final assessment and you please pray for me too. Allah will help you too beggar uncle!! He is the best provider’.  

     The words penetrated to my thoughts making me feel suffice of His help… His provision. Within a short period of time, I sensed the shaken soul trying to plead the Almighty Lord. I got up and dusted off myself to get rid of this cursed life, so as to bow my forehead in sujood to get up in my life.

False perceptions!!

What you say, what I hear, what they interpret,what is the assumption, the observation, what is propagated, what is proposed, what is implemented ??? These all interrogations may be meaningfully entertained when actual scenario links the particular group of people with certainty of  background. Respective people with connection to a  purposeful point, narrate the implicit n explicit needs to reason. However, the way in which things are translated to transform, cannot acclimate the realities.

A wise ear listens to the soul before nurturing the unwelcome whispering of rumors. Folks in common believe in speaking ill without knowing its  after effects in their lives. Our views and opinions do make differences in our lives, what and how we see is a response of the perspectives we embellish through.

Once and twice I came across with a quote which says that there arrives three phases of a story: the actual phase, the doer’s phase and the apparent phase. Most often what we see is the visibility of a scenario or we listen to the doer’s own self-creations with mean justified interpretations. In this way one may think of the pain and turmoil as  a source of inspiration but who is there to find the rusted actuality….??? The originality of behaviors and actions and reactions on account of the happened happenings is hid so as to overcome the deficiencies and recklessness.

The initial moments when we meet people do not fit for the myth of ‘first impression is the last impression’ because when you focus through a minimum distance, you find everything opaque as compared to the maximized distances.  There are some conditions over which people do choose their appropriate behaviors which suit their need of time that may be unjust to anyone, doesn’t mean scars of their personalities to labeling. 

Being with someone never gives any consent to see through their biased-eyes, to speak through their rough words, to think with their sick mindedness.. yet its an important stage to open up  the eyes to the instinct of being to be with. How the same person deals others, you would be dealt the same way. Instead its rather suggested to find and adopt the positive habits in a person . Positive vibrations hold attractions to get through love and learning the good aspects irrespective of the know-how of the person.

It’s rather good to meet the people and situations whole-heartily without complains and accommodation to negativity, welcoming love and tolerance and mind-peace. Give yourself the space to promote the actuality without listening and acting according to  biasdness which is set already in your eyes because of someone else’s plot to make you feel and react. 


High to concede..

When the rules were manipulated into policies, I heard people,as they were not in favour of it!
People started amplifying the stories, so that it wouldn’t get signed, except by them. They are there to please the authorities, to upgrade their standard in their eyes in terms of income.
When it came to me, I was informed through a list that majority is done with their signing and I n few were remained. I began staring into the air, investigating the authenticity of their views with respect to their deed..
I found myself rebellious, when it comes to follow what everyone follows or at the time when the sun is being preached by the crowd, for its upraising!

I felt it better not to engage in their views, but if it goes against my nature, would surely quite.. So I went to HR to  have a detailed discussion, so as to find the right interpretation of policies. So, there I got to know that people have mastered in making the mountain of the mole hill!!

It found quite sufficed to have an implementation of the mentioned policies. I signed and felt the lightness n ease of listening my self, my voice..my satisfaction..

Conceding over what satisfies you, is healthier rather.
Follow the need to listen up your voice, should be the prime purpose..that comes across in respecting your own..

Still unfound!

Soothing my soul deep inside..as it breezes chilled, warms up my emotions. Feels as I am being summoned, to keep my ears over something, which is unfound…
Something which is addressing and I am uncertain to respond its way …

A call from one soul to another… For meeting to make up the most of the opportunities left..

A confession of being me to be someone’s… A confession of being me  into affection of a soul, I have sensed but not  come across… My love… Most desperately wanted… Still unfound!