Still unfound!

Soothing my soul deep it breezes chilled, warms up my emotions. Feels as I am being summoned, to keep my ears over something, which is unfound…
Something which is addressing and I am uncertain to respond its way …

A call from one soul to another… For meeting to make up the most of the opportunities left..

A confession of being me to be someone’s… A confession of being me  into affection of a soul, I have sensed but not  come across… My love… Most desperately wanted… Still unfound!


Mines have the raw feasibility of lying right in their credentials. What a need has to develop from it, is barely sensed to what is required.

Aspirations preluding from grey area n leading to heart, are somehow crossbreed in nature..what your heart says, is not perceived through fashion of gumption. What’s your gumption is equipped with, is hardly abducted by heart… It’s complexicity.

To figure out the fact where a mind is mapped to heart.. Partially coincides with part, where you find truth of inevitable destinations. Yet, experiencing the span of truthfulness momentarily to its right extent.

That’s about nowhere else ..

Life is never meant to be happy forever for all the ways, we can; neither it states to be sadden for the grieves that ever came across. Simple speaking, it all lies within US…. We creat to happen any emotion. It’s anticipation that ever takes us to leading pathways with contrasting n sparkling changes to get ourselves into, being different from whom we used to be.

Circumstances responded with frequent withdrawals, encompass the person with the kind of a strength that usually tends to abolish the inner-strengthened being into a crushed n messed specie where rebirth would seem hardly acquirable.

One has achieved the capability to regain the credentials, lost having denied of fighting against what lets him down. Accumulating the super-powered-components in oneself to gather around, the show off necessary to prove the marvel, he’s capable of.

Belief actually figures out the deficits to be fixed up; grows a person to a man of confidence; where no one has   the ability to put   trust on him.

Its about us! Actually…who we creat our emotions for.. n where our worth stands.. why we don’t learn ourselves are  questions, one needs to resolve.