Theme: A lifelong battleship of a heiress of Spain: the last queen of Spain, Juana [Classical fiction]

Development of my thoughts…

The best time to review a novel, is immediately after you have met through the last bytes; to comprise less with the memory-pitfalls. When I perceive anything worth-sharing, I feel enthusiastically responsible to bring justice, while pouring on the readers with a careful selection of my words and truthful perspectives.

Taking this book in my hands, was not the first time to have a classical read; the first classical book “The Bruar’s Rest”, had to be slipped away from my hands, due to official clearance formality—I regretted not reading it.  Although reading a novel, translating hundreds of centuries ago into a fictional language, may seem a tiresome experience, however, I found it breathtaking from the starting till the end.

It took six sweating years of researches and consecutive edits, when the novelist, C. W. Gortner executed this embroidered piece of history with the gap-filling fiction—mainly because the evidences lacked some necessary portions of real-tale.

Frankly speaking, this novel serves as a treasure, to history-lovers; secondly, the stiffed-vocabs abundantly appear on each page, are distracters or tended to distract me—you may disagree, but I have a genuine point. Nevertheless, the flow of the novel, speaks categorically about the bejeweled arts of love, trust, betray, battle, throne, relations, distances, imprisonments, alliances and governance, centuries ago.

A crown on the head, of the true heiress as a queen of Castilian, Spain: was a matter behind love between a loyal wife to his betraying husband, from an obedient daughter to her ruling mother, from a trust-blinded daughter to his unfaithful—advantage seeking, father. Later her son, disregards her behests and left her to continue her imprisonment on her birth soil. All in all, it’s a heart-drenching tale, one must read.

Lessons I encountered:

There were important chunks of lessons, I feel useful to share:

  1. The life of royal people, is a continuous battle— designing tactics to entangle the deserving ones.
  2. A woman as a queen, is a woman first: with instinct spiritually loyal towards her husband, family and land.
  3. When it comes to power, none cares for any other. A father imprisoned his daughter for believing in him; a husband in crushing her blind trust beneath his quest of crown.


Post Script:

I review any novel, and claim its perspectives according to my fairly-supporting gumption. There can be many other ideas, I left out; but, as I said memory-picks must be a priority. The gist of “lessons” is argumentative, just because I derived them from the novel, and I don’t feel responsibility to any disagreement.



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