The online-book venturing makes it strangely easier to choose a book for reading, due to immediate reviews—I have a seldom tendency relying on , though I perceive my own conclusions. I am quite used to of online book-fetchers, to get the books laid at my home; yes, I am so relaxation-addicted person. For years, I have been stocking the books, before finishing up with the previous ones. I usually do not pay the wallet-emptying amount for purchasing, never ever: I use pirated books. I adhere, a minimum bucks that have the affordability of carrying maximum range of books, is a true love for me; you may differ and I care mine only :P. By now I am a tempted person, who sees the books with dacoit- eyes; I am satisfied until I have satiated my shelf, however, my mother is the mostly irritated being—seeing her shelf’s lessening compartments. Pirated quality had been my first choice of purchasing: obviously what do I have to do with original quality—the only perception in my mind about originality that prolonged.

However there came a day, when an anonymous’ written-chunk transformed my price-preference. It implied as: “You never pay the price of a book, in terms of return to the turmoil behind each word, each idea, the edition, the plot, the misery pertaining to mental blockages; and the hardships of running after agents and publication houses. You will never see the sweating series of utmost commitment and devotion, the mourning and crying calamities. On the squeeze—as a gist, you just pay for the quality of paper and the publication house—in case the authorship belongs to a newbie.”

It hit me more than being a reader—who I do have a business most probably. A writer in me, tended to judge the cost of a book, when clinched a book in my hands. The book since then, felt heavier irrespective of its physical mass. For the first time, I realized why books worth more than just books, declaring piracy is a crime. Hey! Don’t take me wrong, m not a person carrying tedious lectures against piracy or free eBooks, in my pocket.

Instead of cooking up your brain more, let me tell you that I found and ordered the book “Karachi you’re killing me”. The prominent attractions were: Karachi, my city; a new author, wo bhi Pakistani; and what does she state inside the book—favor or against.

Initial sights of the book…

And I confronted this book, “Karachi you’re killing me”, with a cover having a pistol-palm and random funky-red lipsticks flowing up, yes! You heard me right, flowing up to the sky having an upside down building.

An indian publication house’s name, took me to expect anti-Pak material inside the book.

“Why only Karachi? And why is it killing her?” may be its not. Maybe be she is taking up the credit of speaking “killing darlings” of Karachi. You never know what inside is written, until you stop judging a book cover.

You must be imagining, why I din’t waste my time, in reading the backdrop: the synopsis, oh yeah! I did it too, and it reflected the same.

Inside the book…

My journey to land and stay in a book, is boosted from initial fifty pages; yeah, otherwise I either jump, or crawl, or sometimes skip. Mmm yes! Leaving the book is anyhow, not right; I regret doing in the past. And yeah, I am a bookaholic-shopaholic-homeholic-readaholic person now, and this I really mean it.

Khair! The prominent features of the book, I found and want to share are:

  1. The craze of alcoholic-journalism

You must be feeling weird right now, if not! I did though,  I liberated my weird thoughts to flutter away and never show me the face, until I am done.

Saba’s leading girl, Ayesha has been shown as a devoted journalist who has a kind of endeavor insanity towards her profession. She doesn’t see the light of the sun turning to the light of the savor; and she holds her mind in abiding by Kamran—her boss to the newspaper and both hands in liquor.

I personally noticed that “Asians” specifically highlights “Alcohol” as one important asset of their character. Maybe it’s not in the exasperating life. The terms used for alcohols, indeed raised my knowledge especially when a simple middle-class could only read- to-drink. We have no dance bars around usually, but the prolific numbers out there, in posh areas.

I have read a great no. of novelists and local-alcoholic-bloggers, won’t name anyone; but there was no show-off content-features of branded or unbranded mighty alcohols.

  1. The sexual-dating process…

A severe desperation, is found in the girl-journalist. And more and more is provoked by her friend-type-lmao girl, Zara. This is again as an Asian-style-desperation towards modernization.

Seeing every second guy, there was a lust and temptations boiling up issues.

Reading to the foreigners, takes me not to think about their ritual more n more. It’s just their part of hangout. I did not feel the energizing doze, ever instead when they spoke about intense love.

  1. A hustle-bustle encore of relations…

A point which stirs me and every young soul, is the dilemma. Truly, a dilemma! When we call a word “friend” to any face, we meet and keep no insignificance, to who genuinely a “friend” is…

A number of great many popular movies and series, speak about the love-hidden-behind-true-friendship, which reveals after number of incidental parts. Well, it’s a never-flop-plot in every era  😛 –people die unknowingly on their criminal part of scrutinizing the new-born doubts of love among their friends.

On the serious note, yeah m serious at times too   😛 . The silently crushed feelings beneath respecting the care of the beloved ones, is an utmost sacrificial and it takes longer.

I find that saying “friend” every time doesn’t make you a friend, some feelings need a great deal of distinguishable clarity.

  1. Exceptional metaphoric tone…

Yeah, it happens to be a writer’s part, plotted secretly to sink down the readers.  And keep them swimming until they meet the shore.

I was deeply immersed into the interactive trifle of delicious metaphors, she has co-linked her relative observations and experiences. It is the ferociously greatest part of the novel.

Writers like me, can learn how to adopt the beauty of adding likewise incidents.

  1. Bold slangy voice…

Like many disagreeing points, I won’t feel new or strange to read “English slangs” as a part of writing their usual-speech-stuff. We too adhere in practicing more or less; as Asians. But Romanizing the “urdu slangs” into literature, has created a non-domestic part in her writing.

It amazed me several times.

No. it doesn’t pertain to enjoying such things. But I feel the boldness that encompasses over the heads, with in complying needs of domestic spoken-language.

  1. Sarcastic Humor…

This part speaks a lot. From a common man to a high-profile celebrity, her tone remained sarcastic—disguised in comedy, which made me laugh at times, reading while walking in silence. She did it properly, when one feels the hindrance of shooting right on the forehead, with no risk of regretting the shot.


  After words…

As I mentioned, initial fifty pages tries on my patience level.  In this book, the fifty plus pages challenged my genre of reading. But I kept reading foremost, due to the frankly-dramatized tone of Saba Imtiaz. Her words never allowed me to think of daring to shut the book off. Her interaction to Karachi’s environment is deeply submissive. There is a buzz of calamities each after one; she reflected many truths in her sarcastic comedy.

Her daring to speak through her puppet-characterizations, suffices the prolonged –haste of truth. I recommend it to the people, with a dare to bare the extra peculiar tone of Saba Imtiaz.






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