What do you always read about Block or Blockage every single time?

What is it?

A ghost?

A nightmare?

A hindrance that drives you away… farther from your goals?

Is that what hinders the progression of my plans turning to the practicality?

I have read almost dozens of dozen posts, comprised of Writer’s Block: the kinds of blocks, escaping routes and ways to minimize its effects. But they all did something very evil i.e. they created a negative impact, out of the whole shell. Now, you would be thinking that I am putting my ink, in sailing the writers’ ship to the coast. No, it’s not.

Sometimes we all are kind of uttered, nerdy—pertaining to creativity. Isn’t it? We all get stuck to a point, where we feel: hammering the nail into the head, can only give us the right solution.  But it’s not correct! It is even not progressive, when you stress over and over again, as a shuttered-obligation. We all possess the capacity to respond, which our purpose asks for. We never pay back to our imaginative quality, the best we could—we always stand a step behind. But this is not something to curse… it’s all natural.

On the contrary, sometimes we are blessed to have, way more tremendous ideas and implications, which we had not been able to imagine, at the first place. Things do behave in a U-turn, showing the different path of what you have anticipated and struggled for.

This is actually diversity, and it leads to transformation.

I candidly state that a block, does not block you or me, it’s the fear that frightens us!

Witnessing a road barrier in your path, you are going to lift it up?  It sounds foolish.


You are going to stay still, till someone gets merciful on you? My answer is: You have to have mercy on yourself. Right!


A reverse gear? Not a fruitful idea.

That’s what my point is…

Blockage is our own birth of fear that stays restless inside us.

Change the side of blockage. Take it positive even when it hurdles in your way, seemingly stop you. The second side speaks of exploring other ways, which you call alternate options. Be adaptable and flexible to the challenging options.

See things can’t be productive on the conventional smooth roadway, driven by a decent driver, all the way long to its destiny. Not every way is even, smooth and straight. The skill of a driver is measured on the diversifying nature of handling.

We do call God-gifted skill has the form of unassembled, continuous revelation. We being humans: sort, and assemble the revelation, and then modify.

Sometimes literary meanings have such a powerful impact on lives that we often forget the true essence of perspective, it takes in itself.

Simply saying: Block is not any stop sign. Instead, you are suggested to take alternate: much focused and modified. Consequently, you are way more variant to enhance quality and productivity.

We are well familiar with a word “Rejection”, we have often dealt with. Many of us, feel the blocking as another name for rejection, from our own inner brain-nerves. But a coin even possess the two faces. I suggest negativity, actually redirects.

I personally toss this word, to see its positive side i.e. acceptance.

I would like to share my theory in this regard:

“I love being blocked or rejected, because it works like a catalyst that regenerates my passion beyond my limits (fears).”

A fear that chooses to frighten us, asks the bravery from us.

And so, a block asks to get yourself free from trivial journeys/techniques.


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