“Although she is running a successful business, but she still possess the potency, to bring out the topnotch product.”

“As a regular employee, I had to job for eight hours, rare one-on-one interaction with the clients, due to which I remained unaware of my individual productivity needs.”

You are already coping with life’s tragic-circles, allow yourself to believe in you; and produce the difference in the society.”

You may have observed the three different pronouns, I have used.

What is my purpose???

~ Pronouns!



Take few moments, away from my question. Ask yourself to arrange the pronouns in their ascended form—from closest to farthest.


Done? Or Stuck?

I, You and She. Right!

Why am I asking for this ordinal arrangement?

~ Magnitude of distance, is clearly channelized here.

What is the use of this magnitude? How does this work?

~ Here I go:

  • I is the closest and nearest pronoun.
  • You comes after and,
  • She is the farthest one.

The magnitude is measured, when speaker tends to influence the audience.

Am I speaking grammar?

~Oh no! I really have nothing to drag it beyond. 😉

  • When I stood as a teacher, and began to encourage my students, to solve the story sums, they resisted. They resisted until I cracked the nuts; not really I did so, but yeah, I did one thing—characterized myself to break their problems into simpler fragments. They really responded in a positive tone.
  • I joined dozens of face-book groups pertaining to entrepreneurship. From initial till the time I quit my regular job, I kept battling myself… on a definite income-provision. At time, I was convinced to quit my regular job.There was girl, who single-handedly performed many jobs, in an appropriate work-home balance way. Her narration, was quite close to our daily challenges. It doesn’t say that I am easily driven away into hers!It means, I worked with my best possible extent till I stood, to recognize my potential in the field of online-entrepreneurship.
  • A healthy and fit, dietitian involves her own figure-collage, to stimulate the people’s minds towards treasure of health. Why she exemplifies her own? ~ To declare the great achievement merely, but more to help common folks, until they breakaway the fears, that corroded their minds. So that, they can believe in their efforts.

What is the gist of all bulleted- examples above?

~ To introduce the height of personalization in marketing…

Yes, you took it right. I am not here, to speak the formalities of personalization, but yea, I get the need to speak about Personalization itself.

Is this a trouble? A marketing trouble?

~ No. It’s a demanding marketing tool.

It makes easier, in fact comfortable, in testifying your transformation from a nodding-turtle to a fluttering pigeon.

These are not just the words, but a technique. It is involved in every single discipline, by respective experts, to trigger-enhance their productivity; and to better help out the alike-solution seekers.

Most of us, possess common interests; our challenges become common; our failure tracks get to the same way; skills  get  common, our languages, choices, skills, and so, many other things. Any of the similarity above, makes us search the like-minded person or people of a community, where we can meet the challenges together and grow. Thus creating a chain, which would work from one hook to the rest of the knots, establishing companionship and family zone.

This helps in making fellowship and hence, your product maps down through people, speaking out the quality.

I by person, find least gravitation in listening to others’ success tales. I do get touched, by listening to personal transforming catalysts. How they boom their lives!

How it helps?

  • It functions over one-to-one interaction.
  • It creates relations and understanding, among social connections, colleagues and mentors.
  • It marks up the label of authenticity (trustworthy), on your product: most importantly your profile.
  • Inactive people find it easier to avail the services, you offer. They usually observe, the most and then step forward. A comfortable host can better welcome, to a feast.
  • Consequently, it has broaden the paths for entrepreneurship and customization.
  • Independency is the triumphed outcome; where one feels the encouragement and appreciation.
  • A bridge leads to other sub-bridges—making interconnections easier and feasible.

Therefore, I would say Personalization takes from ownership to the heights of empowering: the beings on their self-arms.

And yea, Pronouns do speak about magnitude of personalization.











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