She is…..

Hey there…!!

The girl, whose words you are going to be familiarize with, is Shumaila Khan; she dwells inside me.

She is qualified being a Masters in Applied Mathematics. Don’t think of the year! It might give an indication to her most personal asset: age.

Earlier she was eager of teaching, just after her education. Don’t know what stuck her mind doing so?

  • Earning could be one of the reason.
  • Or spending some definite time out of the home.
  • Or a fixed income every month.
  • Or appraising her life-style in terms of showing her up-graded class.
  • Or maybe all the reasons.

So, whatever hit her the most, sometimes she was happier than the clown. Other time, she was as gloomy as a candle.

You see, we are having different masks at the same time.

Oops! By masks, I don’t mean about being disguised. Its like we have numerous wings to rely on…

Am I getting too riddled?

Well I am more this way, when I speak good (infact some evils too :p) about her.

I love her and like her way more… because she is my Self.

She kept on teaching (cheating) on her best until she comes up with very interactive, and personized way of expression.

And guess what?

She began to pen down her emotions into the form of writing.

‘Whoa! What a change!’ everyone spoke out.

‘You are a drowned reader and so, I welcome a new writer.’

‘Shumaila you have a good flair  in writing…’

‘Is this something you wrote? Great ideas and convincing talent.’

‘When I am having your book in my hands?’

O’ my Ghosh! It’s like she begins to fly in the air. She is praised by everyone. She is rejoicing her words…

She has taken herself so rightly, that actually pleased me.

She has some more interests too…

She is maliciously eager of reading books, and collecting them. She has read many novelists:

  • Paulo Coelho
  • Sydney Sheldon
  • Elif Shafak
  • Khaled Hosseini
  • Åsne Seierstad
  • Nicholas Spark
  • John Green
  • Jhumpa Lahiri and
  • P.D. James

She keeps her collection away from her mom’s sight. Why? Because she does not want to see her reading. And what if she has begun writing too?

Well answer to this must be: ‘Do whatever you like. But make the use of it.’

Now, that’s far … far relaxing!

And she is a melodious singer too… She has a born-voice in her, which when she throws out; she has the ability to capture the whole environment. Believe it! She will going to sing some day 😉

Forgot one craze in her, she is a burglar-foodie. She is fond of everything, every type. No matter what is kept in front, seconds later, it will be disappeared. 😛

Her genres of reading and writing are…

She enjoys: motivational stories, romantic stories, crime-based, suspense and thriller; fiction, and tragic stories; non-fictions.

She is now persuading her dreams…

She says: ‘Within an instance, I began grasping the idea of creating stories and creating plots myself. I saw the answers of my character-ambiguity surrounding me around. I began feeling myself, as the owner of my story and therefore, I have started writing to pursue as my dream line.

Initially I wrote for my own blog, then a summary for my teacher, few articles for an on-line magazine, and now working on my draft, which will be a published novel in sha Allah.

This has been a year, when I am pursuing my career as a writer.  I feel lovely, while talking to people having same interests. I am perfectly a book-sick, who wanders to insanely read the synopsis of the unread books.

Well m too talkative, when meet with the words that I choose to introduce myself.’

Articles, that have been published:

The published articles are:


Let’s take her ambition in her words: ‘I am a creative writer, who writes through an ink of passion. No matter, where I belong to… my devotion and honesty will take me to higher opportunities. In Sha Allah.. I am working on my dream to be recognized as a novelist in the coming years.

Along with that I can write:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Reflective writing
  • Summaries
  • Review (on a novel or anything)
  • Rephrasing
  • Story
  • Copy-writing
  • Paraphrasing
  • Precise writing

I am looking forward to dwell in the sincerity of my passion.’

Concluding words by her…

‘Self-recognition is never late. Find in you, the one who is curtained behind fear.’


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