While scrolling through my Facebook’s home wall, I glanced at a post themed ‘honor of woman resembles a glass, which is once scratched, cannot be mended’.

This was not the first time when I read this, neither a new thing at all!! We being women, have had already this idea… somewhere in our minds, fed as an essential ingredient of our brought up-recipes. We always heard all sorts of precautionary steps, to save our dignity and nobility.  

Absurd cases…

There are many cases, we witness in our day-to-day lives…when there is a dishonour brought to the woman, only she is biasedly defamed…. Acid attacks, honour killings, Sexual abuses, violence and most of all staring-chase!! Why people are allowed to intrigue in women’s lives?? Where these social stings come from? Who affirm such demotion? Being women, do we need to depend on our fates to rescue ourselves? No… never.

Being at home, we patiently bare everything on the name of ‘compromise’, even then we are beaten. Veiled girls are sexually abused and if not, dirt of gazes approach them, I wonder what do they look into their veils and hijabs?? But apparent.  An eye of evil does not require the definition of any sort of standard, to prevent them from penetrating into. I found, that this lapse has simply nothing to do with literacy or illiteracy, but it’s a common-street talent …..

Questions that are not answered…

What I question the folks around me, is the brought up!! Why girls are being taught about ethics and men learnt nothing but freedom of being powerfully-dominant? Why a woman in the name of ‘mother’, ignores in making her male-offspring, to respect other women? Why a ‘father’ never thinks of bringing honour to his own wife and mother, so as to exemplify his gratitude with other women on this earth?

There are certain other questions, which hammer my mind, my perspectives and at the end I withdraw, by considering myself as a victimized-gender. I proceed to think in a way, so as to get ready, to be sacrificed with everything unseen and this is how we are expected to be in our in-laws. The reason is, frantically we hide our questions, from explicit expressions. We never ask, why being at the comprised-stage from a daughter to a sister, from a wife to a mother… who draws this line, to declare stigmas on our identities?? And why these stay?? Why blames retain throughout lives?? Intentional or unintentional deeds would be asked by Him …. Why people on earth are judgemental on our identities, with no shame?? Why others extend such labels to women??……

Questions can be my answers too…

From my questions, I thought to search my answers. Being a blessed gender, we never try to bring honour and respect to other women like us. And basically it reflects, how much we respect our dignity… why we never try to put down the labels, pasted by others! Why we do not work to make them wrong about us! Why we celebrate our failures! Why we curse our fates! Why we stay with our circumstances! Why do not we try to find answers…! Why do not we look for our needs! Why we never ask our souls for its peace! Why we just keep following the customs! Why not think as a changer! It’s not impossible… think before you are marked by yourself, with their words.

A transforming thought…

And in very simple words… its nothing but a matter of perspective, you pursue from others and never recognize yours…

A scratch in a glass can be transformed to beautiful pattern….believe it!


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