Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get-

Only with whatever you are expecting to give-

Which is everything.

Katherine Hepburn

The intensity of a feeling is immeasurable when multiplied with submission. A kind of submission that has no reluctance towards regression of pleasing your soul with the soul one loves.  The choices are not made by the soul itself, yet its found in the destiny. When mutual fates combine, give birth to the intensity of bowing heart one the basis of faith and acceptance. The acceptance dwells in the imagination of withdrawal to rejection to the facts that reality brings to segregate the hearts.

As I chose to pick this book for surfacing my thirst, I planned to watch its movie first. The movie builds the inspiration and motivation to concede with the novel too. I began watching it in the middle of the night and found it worthy enough to compliment my spent time. I already had this prevailed idea that Nicholas Spark never disappoints and yes it was achieved in the movie.

The novel begins with the moment when ninety-year old Ira Levinson had subconscious eyes while unconsciously lying on the steering wheel in a car crash. Within his broken string of breath and fluctuation, he reels on the memories right from the childhood in the hands of amenable and docile parents. His father had a great influence over his life where he had been taught about ethics. His adulthood is restored in the remains of his life, with the name of Ruth. Ruth died nine years ago. But at each choking his breath was threaded with the association with her. Her memories were oxygenating his existence. He did not want to breathe after her, but his life was imprisoned in this world.

In North-Carolina, Ira and Ruth meets and falls in love. Infinite many beautifully spent moments enriched their togetherness. Then there held some blockages to their mutual fates. There were hurdles before their marital match, signifying no upgradation of their designation into becoming parents. Ruth sacrifices her happiness of having a flock of kids over the happiness in him. Learning her withdrawal for him, he distances himself. But the distance results in blossoming their desperation with each passing span. It becomes really hard for both of them to remain apart. And sooner they got married.

Their marital life welcomes the ups and downs. Initial times went smoother in the arms of embracing love. But a hole infuses into this relation with silence. The longing of having an own child began prevailing Ruth’s mind just as she starts teaching in a local-town school. She was a dedicated teacher who sees her own child in every other child. The thirst of motherhood in Ruth’s eyes was read by Ira though he never forgets her resignation hidden behind the affection. He was arrested in a guilt of producing no happiness to her . He tries to cater her soggy wish with bits and pieces of joy bringing beneath her feet. Studying him, she was never ungrateful and never complained.

The story turns to a phase when a naïve and disobedient yet a wayward child named Daniel who grabs her motherly instinct. He makes her think of him for extra care and attention after school. She began bringing him home to coach and nourish him with knowledge. Daniel deep inside begins to be an obeying being to her. She showed her faith in him and caused betterment in himself. He witnessed the glitter in her eyes, when she depicted the art entangled into the strands of colors. She was an art lover and embellished each wall of the home with the artistic passion. Silently he was admiring her interest. In those days, Ira was much relieved by Daniel’s arrival in their lives. He was more sufficed than happy to see the fulfillment of her ardent appetite. When they plan to adopt Daniel under legal terms, who was an orphan and step- younger brother of a married person. Daniel shuts the door of his presence in their lives, which aborts the hope of cherishing future with a child. They return to two again. Daniel left no sign of return and resulted to deserted relations between Ruth and Ira.

Ira celebrates second honeymoon to rejuvenate his concern in his wife Ruth again. Life flies higher in grating each moment. Each of the two learnt to enjoy their two-ship again. But Ruth’s heart always asked for Daniel…. She was looking for him in her thoughts. They loved to be at exhibition places where appealing art was displayed. Ira always appreciated her in finding herself translating and interpreting famous art works and artists though he was never interested in it. He always loves to read through her eyes. This way they collected world class pieces of art work. The period went on… and their adulthood brought them to silver strikes on their heads…till Ira meets a day when he awakes his soul-met and she was never awaken ever. Dark was the world around him, drought spread all along his throat when he realized his head resting over steering.

The second half belongs to the young couple Sophia Danko and Luke Collins. Sophia is shown as a senior at Wake Forest University and Luke as a cowboy and Champion bull-rider in PBR. Both meet at an after-ride party and their chemistry slowly, in fact pretty slower gears. Sophia having had broken up with Brian was focusing towards studies when Marcia, her roommate asked to come with her at rodeo. For Sophia learning about Luke remained an exciting experience… his decency, simplicity and charm attracted her. Inside somewhere she felt her comfort level demands to be with him. On the other hand Luke found the company of city-girl as appealing to him. He introduces his ranch life along with bull-riding to her and feels the same magnitude of acceptance from her side. A longer span took them to confess their affection. Maybe Sophia was not looking after his shoulder just after Brian, which was assumed by Marcia.

Breathlessly Luke was competing and wining against the deadly roaring bulls. His mother petted a fear in her heart and wanted her son to quit with riding. Luke overlooks this matters and concentrates on his riding and taking care of the ranch and selling, forgetting that he had a metallic plate placed in his skull. At one-end he was also afraid of his life on a bull like ugly crater which actually put a sting on his heart co-relating to his mother’s stated fear. Spending his wonderful moments with Sophia became his ritual. Later his fear surpasses his head and in that he fought with Sophia, his puzzlement was easily understood by Sophia. On coming to know the fact, she announces her break up in favor to his quittance from the riding. She wanted to make him realize the care she had for him. Conceding later he quit. One day, on their way they found a bursting car struck and inside was an old man unconsciously bled and slumbered. Taking him to emergency, Sophia took care of the letter box which was a kind of treasure for the man. On attaining his conscious, his linger moving words asked Sophia to read a letter. Tears ruled everyone’s eye and there his remaining moments of life vanished away.

Reading to the stories I was more towards Ira and Ruth. I wonder the love that ruled between them was much appealing apart from the fairy tales and witch stories. Reading to each Ira’s times, I was living the moments. I did not feel differently from the reality. The ups and downs moved parallel into their lives, it showed no idealism. I remained desperate for each alternate chapter of Ira. The degree of empathy between them amazes me, melts my heart into fragments. With the start of each chapter I hold my concentration to rebirth into the Ira’s early 90s era. The attraction passively drove me, when it brought satisfaction on their reconciliation and worried over their arguments and loss. Nicholas really knows the art of wining hearts through his words and tales. But I was partially interested in Luke and Sophia’s because it might not be that catchy. It seemed more active than penetrating. There were very few whiles when I felt for Luke, specifically the point when he was nervous for last battle with Ugly Crater in mind. And Sophia when alarmed by Marcia of Brian’s presence as a sign of danger for Luke. She hurried to cope with a buzzing head due to the video that she watched on you-tube of Luke.

I personally recommend this book to all folks who are sensitive towards empathizing. Its thick magnitude never discourages a reader. Yet the height of interest boosts up at each alternate chapter. I think if I could have imagined Ira in my life…it would have been everything in my life.

Enjoy reading-cum experiencing ….


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