The greyish-darkened sky, filled with countless prismatic droplets of water, making the puffy clouds. The clouds shadowing the long-spread draughtiness of land. The draughtiness which was going to be wetted with the excitement of the crazily sliding water drop by drop, turning the dusty-greenery to a lush green. The drizzling set off to brighten the canvas of absurd nature. The cool breeze gets along to pass through the murmurings of lively nature. The vibrancy of the nature enhances the depiction of a new portray.

The watery pearls when drop down, fertile the souls of beings. The immense pleasure, thus claims the instinctive satisfaction.   As I feel the drops falling gradually over my face, I find everything speaking in the language of their glory, interacting in their own ways. Playing and dancing as the drizzling lowers, embraced by chilled and cool air. Seeing the purification of my inner being with that all around, my emotions freshens. The environment condenses to host the happiness and merriness in the form of droplets everywhere.


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