Coming out of the classes, rushing to the school gate, children were following their lines perfectly assembled by the volunteers (prefects) to maintain the disciplinary rules of the school. There were children with different ages, heights, masses and one thing in common was their uniform.  Uniform was ensuring the recognition and motto of a well-known learning organisation. All the students have had the learning span in the outfit suggested by the school management. We all have the precious memories of our learning-hood in the soberly designed outfit meeting the uniformity of each and every financial status.

The prime purpose of the uniform is to smooth the class-gaps so as to promote the knowledge equally irrespective of the religion or nationality or sect or complexion or cast or financial reasons. To avoid any sort of discrimination, uniform played a role of justified medium where a child of poor loaf-earner was sufficed to the acknowledgment which was in the Similar way acquired by the child of superior-money earner.

Apart from the learning reasons, students are cherished at the moments, when they are freed to dress except their uniform like the sports-hour, celebrations of specific festivals… there is a convenience and confidence, sparkling and laughing expressions, spirit to compete and sensibility of learning, challenging and grasping emotions, capabilities to inspire, help and build the series of approaches were the key aspects, exposed on a peculiar day or two. As I was watching the television, I came across this idea that many foreign schooling agencies have adapted not to impose the uniformity in terms of uniforms to the children and to let them emerge out in the comfort and ease.

Children can behave to the full extent, when they are freed from the restrictive boundaries. They love and enchant their performances on the basis of self-motivation being centred in the classroom. With least possible consent, they try to achieve on their own. Their team work collaboration speak aloud to be figured as one of their leading capacities. The impact of colours also reflect the rarefaction in their growing quench of exploration.

Personally speaking I never feel appropriate to favour the imposing clothe-rule, just to ensure the implementation of the ethics and morals. There we have different ways instead of imposing the rules.


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