“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”
― Oscar Wilde

                  To begin  with this statement, one must be emphasizing over the words ‘ugliness’ and ‘intolerable’. Hey! it’s not my point of discussion, yet adoption of trending fashion is something I would like to enlighten upon. Don’t get bothered with anyone’s sayings…just feel free to carry yourself with.

                    What a classy tulip trousers are in!! See that colorful Capri..!! Short shirts with digital prints …o’ yeah m definitely gonna buy… Brandy high heels with embellishing  printed sides, look  capes are totally outclass… How would I look with this sea-green skinny pant with reddish-orange top??…  being an elite class-burger how do I look to cheap rated-replicas.. don’t even glance at those..seriously its a trash, shoppers are facilitating their clients ….aaaahhh!!! See a new mall there along side of the road, it looks fantastically huge and fascinating to my longing-branded stuff..well come on just check it out!!!won’t miss  the opportunity….

        What goes around, be it a fashion of deeds or wearing, is adopted and adapted,amplified through  media to bring into common mass’ acceptance. Promoting and selling the trendy fashion-products by leaps and bounds. People with silent sense of fashion, adopt the ostentatious taste of choices which has completely lose balance with the features whereas some carry themselves with complimentary choices of outfits but not outlets!! yeah…. appreciated being distinctive in display, everyone longs for.

               Alright…alright…How  those daring indicators are judging the selections of people!! Do they have the rights to authenticate their verdicts?? No, not any of them may have so.. listening to them is more likely to lose your instinctive appeals, which is most probably  invalid anyhow. It’s rather  better to mirror your sights to frame your selection.. giving life to your ultimate and genuine style, appeals actually. Candidly speaking it’s not the cost which matters but true signs of validation in a style (laid by chices).

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
― Orson Welles



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