What you say, what I hear, what they interpret,what is the assumption, the observation, what is propagated, what is proposed, what is implemented ??? These all interrogations may be meaningfully entertained when actual scenario links the particular group of people with certainty of  background. Respective people with connection to a  purposeful point, narrate the implicit n explicit needs to reason. However, the way in which things are translated to transform, cannot acclimate the realities.

A wise ear listens to the soul before nurturing the unwelcome whispering of rumors. Folks in common believe in speaking ill without knowing its  after effects in their lives. Our views and opinions do make differences in our lives, what and how we see is a response of the perspectives we embellish through.

Once and twice I came across with a quote which says that there arrives three phases of a story: the actual phase, the doer’s phase and the apparent phase. Most often what we see is the visibility of a scenario or we listen to the doer’s own self-creations with mean justified interpretations. In this way one may think of the pain and turmoil as  a source of inspiration but who is there to find the rusted actuality….??? The originality of behaviors and actions and reactions on account of the happened happenings is hid so as to overcome the deficiencies and recklessness.

The initial moments when we meet people do not fit for the myth of ‘first impression is the last impression’ because when you focus through a minimum distance, you find everything opaque as compared to the maximized distances.  There are some conditions over which people do choose their appropriate behaviors which suit their need of time that may be unjust to anyone, doesn’t mean scars of their personalities to labeling. 

Being with someone never gives any consent to see through their biased-eyes, to speak through their rough words, to think with their sick mindedness.. yet its an important stage to open up  the eyes to the instinct of being to be with. How the same person deals others, you would be dealt the same way. Instead its rather suggested to find and adopt the positive habits in a person . Positive vibrations hold attractions to get through love and learning the good aspects irrespective of the know-how of the person.

It’s rather good to meet the people and situations whole-heartily without complains and accommodation to negativity, welcoming love and tolerance and mind-peace. Give yourself the space to promote the actuality without listening and acting according to  biasdness which is set already in your eyes because of someone else’s plot to make you feel and react. 



2 thoughts on “False perceptions!!

  1. Good one.Which color spects u wear world will look like it.If ur heart is pure then there is one big hand is on u of the God.So no need to worry.Nice line is the below one.
    Give yourself the space to promote the actuality without listening and acting according to biasdness which is set already in your eyes because of someone else’s plot to make you feel and react.
    Think positive,u will attract positive.Simple thing.
    All the best with best Regards.

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