When the rules were manipulated into policies, I heard people,as they were not in favour of it!
People started amplifying the stories, so that it wouldn’t get signed, except by them. They are there to please the authorities, to upgrade their standard in their eyes in terms of income.
When it came to me, I was informed through a list that majority is done with their signing and I n few were remained. I began staring into the air, investigating the authenticity of their views with respect to their deed..
I found myself rebellious, when it comes to follow what everyone follows or at the time when the sun is being preached by the crowd, for its upraising!

I felt it better not to engage in their views, but if it goes against my nature, would surely quite.. So I went to HR to  have a detailed discussion, so as to find the right interpretation of policies. So, there I got to know that people have mastered in making the mountain of the mole hill!!

It found quite sufficed to have an implementation of the mentioned policies. I signed and felt the lightness n ease of listening my self, my voice..my satisfaction..

Conceding over what satisfies you, is healthier rather.
Follow the need to listen up your voice, should be the prime purpose..that comes across in respecting your own..


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