Mines have the raw feasibility of lying right in their credentials. What a need has to develop from it, is barely sensed to what is required.

Aspirations preluding from grey area n leading to heart, are somehow crossbreed in nature..what your heart says, is not perceived through fashion of gumption. What’s your gumption is equipped with, is hardly abducted by heart… It’s complexicity.

To figure out the fact where a mind is mapped to heart.. Partially coincides with part, where you find truth of inevitable destinations. Yet, experiencing the span of truthfulness momentarily to its right extent.


4 thoughts on “Momentarily…

  1. I love the idea of mapping the mind to the heart. It gives me much to think about. I had difficulty following the contest of some of your sentences, but think I picked up the gist of what you intended to say. A “truth” to one person may not coincide with the “truth” of another person as in recounting childhood memories between siblings. Yet it is the “span of truthfulness momentarily to its right extent.” Thanks for sharing.

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